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Congratulations and welcome aboard! On this quick reference page you will find answers to the most common questions encountered when someone starts a new job on our payroll.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is responsible for turning my time in?

You are. While some companies use their own automated system, most do not. If you or our Customer Service Rep forgot to discuss this, call your Customer Service Rep back ASAP!

When do I get paid?

Every Friday! Your time for the previous week should be turned in on Monday morning. Monday is payroll time processing. All time is entered on that day.

How do I get paid?

You get paid through Direct Deposit or Visa Reward Debit Cards. The advantage to this method is no check cashing fees, not worrying about how to pick-up your check, and your check stubs are stored online! Your Automated Deposit is made on Friday at 9:30AM.

My Visa Rewards Debit Card, what services are included?

Discounts on over 850 Restaurants & 8000 Merchants, Online Bill Payment, Text Alerts on balances and account activity, Rewards on over 200,000 products, and Discount programs.

What about Medical Insurance? Is it available?

Yes, absolutely! Upon starting work, full-time employees (as defined by ACA) are eligible for Group Medical. Application for insurance must be made within 30 days from your start date. The insurance effective date is the first of the month just prior to 90 days from your start date. 

What benefits does your Group Medical Plan offer?

It’s a PPO plan utilizing the largest networks in the country and you can use any doctor or facility in the network. The plan meets requirements set forth by Obama’s Affordable Care Act. Members receive 100% coverage after reaching their out-of-pocket maximum on covered services. An example of the benefits offered are:

  • Full-Time employees (defined by ACA) are eligible for Group Medical
  • $15 Office Visit Copay for Primary Care visits
  • $15 Generic Drug co-pay, $25 Copay for Preferred Brand Drug
  • $25 Office Copay for Specialist visit
  • $50 Copay for Laboratory Outpatient and Professional Services



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